Projecting Minds


Projecting Minds is a K-5 tutoring and mentoring program that serves the community at Nora Sterry Elementary School. We go to site twice a week from 2:30 – 5:00pm from Week 3 – Week 9 of each quarter. Site days are dependent on our volunteers and directors schedules. There are two site pick times 2:25 pm in the ProMinds cubicle SAC106 and the other at 3:00 pm in the De Neve Turnaround. The typical site day is broken up into two halves. During the first half of site volunteers and directors help student with their homework. After homework, a snack and 10 minute break is given to the students. The second half of the site day is our enrichment activity portion in which students get to do a fun, educational, and skill building activity which enables them to expand and practice the skills they learn during the school day.