Black Latino Aids Project

Our services

1. Presentation

BLAIDS creates an open dialogue environment based around a PowerPoint presentation that allows students to feel comfortable while speaking and asking questions about often taboo subjects.

2. Awareness

BLAIDS also strives to raise awareness and interest among high school students in pursuing a post-secondary education.



Our mission is to promote awareness, understanding, and knowledge about HIV/AIDS and STDs to the Black & Latino youth of the greater Los Angeles area and develop the awareness and knowledge of the UCLA community about HIV/AIDS and STDs, as well as increase the volunteer work of UCLA students.


Twenty years ago the Black Pre-Health Organization and Chicanos/Latinos for Community Medicine came together to establish the Black & Latino AIDS Project (BLAIDS). This collaboration was inspired by the dramatic rise of HIV infections and AIDS within both the African-American and Latino community. Today, BLAIDS continues to carry out its mission to effectively combat the problem of HIV/AIDS and STDs, through comprehensive presentations and discussions about sexual diseases and sexual health, and through participation in community health fairs.


“Sex education is recognized as a major component of HIV prevention targeting young people; what form it takes, and whether or not it works, impacts directly on the HIV risk to which they are exposed.” Educational programs that actively discuss sexual health issues with youth are often criticized and looked over in favor of abstinence-only programs, but there is strong evidence that comprehensive educational programs effectively decrease the number of students’ sexual behaviors that place young people at risk of HIV/AIDS, STIs and pregnancy.