UMMA Volunteer Project


UMMA Volunteer Project (UVP) was founded in 1996 as a volunteer source for the UMMA Community Clinic, a free health clinic established by UCLA graduate and undergraduate students to serve the residents of the South Los Angeles community who lack proper access to health insurance, suffer from unemployment, or are living below the poverty line by providing them with free health care services. In June 2013, UMMA Clinic opened up its second branch at John C. Fremont High School, one of the most at-risk schools in LAUSD, with services tailored towards both students at the school as well as the surrounding community.

UVP allows students the opportunity to volunteer at both clinics, giving them first-hand exposure to the health care field in one of the most underserved regions in the nation. Volunteers can also help out at one of the many events UMMA Clinic participates in each year, which include the Hawthorne Health Fair, Tax Day, Doctor for a Day, and Humanitarian Day.

To further address the needs of the community, UVP is committed to provide preventative health education to students in South Los Angeles.

At John C. Fremont High School, UVP has established a “Talk With UVP” Program, in which UCLA volunteers play a proactive role in teaching Fremont students lessons on diet/nutrition, STD’s, alcoholism, etc. during lunchtime tabling sessions. UVP also hosts a mentorship program at the school, which pairs a Fremont student with a UCLA volunteer, with the focus on promoting higher education and career building.

At 68th Elementary School, UVP has established a weekly, after-school health and physical education course to promote healthy living. As part of this course, students at 68th Street are taught lessons on nutrition and other health topics, which is followed by a fun and interactive physical activity.