Proyecto de Jornaleros

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Student volunteers learn about the jornaleros’ reality and can learn through oral history about the lives of this disadvantaged and vulnerable workforce. Our daily meetings are every Monday at 5-6pm in SAC basement room 3.Come and join us Fridays and Saturdays to go to the Downtown and West Los Angeles Centers to meet and interact with the Jornaleros.



Since 1999, Proyecto de Jornaleros (Day Laborer Project) has been a student run organizationthat provides support to IDEPSCA, the Institute of Popular Education of Southern California, through the facilitation of weekly ESL lessons for Day Laborers. Proyecto goes out to two of IDEPSCA’s job centers, one in Downtown and West Los Angeles. We use the methods of Popoular Education to facilitate the English language, create dialogue around existing issues, and to empower a historically marginalized group of people. Proyecto runs under the idea that everyone is a student as well as a teacher and no one is better than the person sitting next to them. This belief breaks with the banking method of teaching and any hierarchal structure that you would see in the classroom. The organizations’ main focus is to provide day laborers with enough support and information so that they are able to voice their own opinions and be their own advocate in the community.