MEChA Xinachtli

The seed that germinates.

Our services

1. Peer advising

In these sessions we discuss a variety of topics including student academic and career goals, classes or personal, community and cultural issues. These sessions are intended to challenge the student to thing more critically about themselves and their environment. It places a great emphasis on academic preparation, college prep as well as personal development, ultimately developing the students self-stem, self-reliance and self determination.

2. Tutoring/academic performance component

Provides tutoring services for any subject area and seeks to develop student academic performance through workshops, activities, and homework assistance. This component seeks to increase student problem solving ability and critical thinking skills.

3. Student and community empowerment

This is done by promoting the student’s knowledge of self, community and culture. This component provides workshops and fieldtrips and helps develop youth leadership skills and community service projects.

About MEChA Xinachtli


Xinachtli is a program dedicated to promote higher education and empower students to develop holistically, build critical thinking skills and build leadership skills.

The goals of Xinachtli are to:

  1. Promote education and raise consciousness
  2. Increase number of disadvantaged students attending higher education
  3. Promote holistic development through self determination and critical thinking


Xinachtli has worked with both UC eligible and non-UC eligible educationally underrepresented students at Venice High from spring 1998, at Santa Monica since winter 2000, in the Pico Neighborhood Youth and Family Center since winter 2002 and in the Fall of 2004 we expanded our services to Hawthorne and Leuzinger High School.