Pacific Islander Education and Retention

Our services

  1. Academic success: tutoring, skill-building
  2. Higher Education Awareness: field trips
  3. Peer Advising: 1-on-1 mentorships
  4. Cultural Awareness
  5. Parent Involvement
  6. Workshops

About PIER


Rooted in the demand for educational justice, academic empowerment, and student voice, PIER is a student-initiated, student-run outreach project that exists to address the low graduation rates and lack of access to higher education for Pacific Islander youth in Los Angeles. Through tutoring, mentorship, peer advising, parent involvement, cultural relevancy, and higher education awareness, PIER partners with Pacific Islander students, community members, organizations, and allies to combat educational inequity, create self-determined leaders, and advocate for community power.


The PIER Program is a high school outreach component of PISA at UCLA. PIER was created to assist high school students in their preparation for admissions into an institution of higher education. Students should have the academic resources available to them that address their specific needs. PIER takes a holistic approach to the student’s academic, personal and cultural development.