Students Heightening Academic Performance through Education

Our services

The SHAPE Project provides educational support services that help and encourage youth in the Los Angeles African American community (and beyond) become eligible for a post-secondary education.

  • Academic Empowerment (Tutoring)
  • Peer Advising/Counseling
  • Praxis Development Workshops
  • Rites of Passage (Leadership Development) and Bay Area Leadership retreat
  • Field Trips
  • Parent Support
  • Conscious Connection Newsletter
  • Health and Wellness Workshops and Activities
  • Annual Higher Education Conference, Shadow Weekend, and End of the Year Banquet



To increase the access of underrepresented students in higher education through student empowerment, holistic development, and the raising of Afrikan consciousness.


Founded in 1995 and born out of the devastating effects of the UC Standing Policy 1 and 2, The Afrikan Student Union’s SHAPE Program exists to increase opportunities in higher education for students in underserved communities. In 1996 following the passage of Proposition 209, SHAPE’s work became even more important, due to the long-standing impact and subsequent declines in African-American and Chicano/Latino presence on college campuses statewide.

Historically, SHAPE has worked in communities with the most need, serving students that are academically at-risk, as well as at risk for being lured into the entrapments of injurious social pathologies. Because the SHAPE Program is built on a solid foundation of student empowerment and holistic development, we aim to facilitate these same tenets with all of our students. Through SHAPE’s components, our students not only emerge academically successful, they are equipped with a heightened consciousness and the advocacy skills necessary to become agents of change in their schools and communities. For the 2011 – 2012 Academic Year, SHAPE is operating sites at Inglewood High School, Compton High School, Tetzlaff Middle School in Cerritos, and Community Coalition in South Central Los Angeles.


Students of all academic and socio-economic backgrounds can succeed through learning to be proactive in their education.