MEChA Calmécac

MEChA Calmecac was established in 1989 as a student-initiated, student-run, and student-funded retention program in response to the problem of high attrition rates of unaddressed Raza students and student's feelings of UCLA not properly addressing this issue.

Our services

1. Telpochalli Peer Counseling

Telpochcalli provides a safe one-on-one safe space where any topic can be discussed. Meet one-on-one with a peer counselor regularly and at your availability throughout the quarter. The purpose of this component is to help student gain a quality education and develop holistically, and to promote academic and student empowerment. Possible topics and services include:

  • Academics
  • Accountability
  • Career Goals

2. Calpulli Mentorship

Calpulli mentorship logo

Calpulli is a community at UCLA, where entering students are paired with continuing students based on interests such as academics (majors, minors), career goals, time availability etc. This component offers UCLA students to meet other Raza students, ease the transition to the university, and build a support network. In addition, Calpulli strives to get its members to grow holistically as well as personally as mentors or mentees and support one another by having a familia (family). As a part of Calpulli each individual will strive to contribute to cultural, academic, and social development.

For more mentorship information visit Calpulli’s website.

3. Centro Coatlicue (Gender & Sexuality) Workshops, 1-1 Counseling, Talking Circles

Meet one-on-one with the G&S counselor to discuss various topics, including:

  • Men and women’s health
  • Relationship & dating
  • Lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender
  • Homophobia & heterosexism
  • Body image
  • Gender poles
  • Student parents
  • Holistic development
  • Health & fitness
  • Self-esteem/self-advocacy
  • Spirituality


4. Coatequitl Internship

Coatequitl provides a safe space for open discussion on various topics, including identity, race, gender, sexuality, class, student activism, organizing, etc. Collaborations occur with the other retention projects. Interns are placed in workgroups where they develop and build leadership skills. An optional 2 unit course is offered for academic credit.

5. Workshops

Workshops are offered based on student’s needs and are designed to help you succeed academically and personally. Topics range from developing study skills, to approaching professors in office hours, to preparing for post-graduation.

About MEChA Calmécac

MEChA de UCLA founded MEChA CLASS (which later changed to MEChA Calmécac in an effort to connect the project to its indigenous roots) with the goal of increasing the number of Chicana/o and Latino/a graduating from UCLA.

Twenty years later, the percentage of Raza students graduating remains low with many Raza students being dismissed from the university. MEChA Calmécac strives to change this! The project draws its name from the Mexica institution of higher learning, the Calmécac. In Mexica civilization, the Calmécac was responsible for the education of the community through knowledge and spirituality.

In keeping with indigenous philosophy, MEChA Calmécac offers comprehensive academic support services to all students in order to address a wide variety of academic, personal, financial, and social needs. We also help foster leadership growth, build a sense of community, and help develop critical thinkers in an effort to take our resources back to our communities. We encourage a proactive approach to education in different ways, including, but not limited to, dictating curricula, talking to and challenging professors and applying our courses to everyday life.