Retention of American Indians Now!

RAIN! provides comprehensive support services to all students on-campus in order to address a wide variety of needs: academic, personal, social, cultural, and spiritual.

Our services

1. Peer Counseling

Peer Counselors meet with students regularly throughout the quarter in 1on1 sessions. RAIN! Peer Counseling provides students with the support, tools, and resources that are essential to a student’s graduation. Staff are trained to aid in preventing academic difficulty, assist with academic planning, goal setting, personal development, and campus & community referrals.

2. Supporting Undergraduate Natives (SUN) Mentorship

The goal of SUN Mentorship is to create a supportive community that promotes retention and graduation of students. SUN focuses on building a bridge between a successful academic career at UCLA and the American Indian community on and off campus. SUN Mentorship encourages the development of interpersonal relationships, as well as facilitates interaction between RAIN! students, alumni, graduate students, and UCLA faculty. This is done by partnering students with mentors in family groups based on tribe, interests, career, or majors.

3. Wellness Program

The Wellness Program is a space that enforces the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development of students. Through a Native centered approach students will develop a better understanding of well-being and balance by participating fitness activities, support groups, and meeting with spiritual healers.

About RAIN


The American Indian Student Association (AISA) at UCLA created Retention of American Indians Now! (RAIN!) in 1990 to address the high dropout rates of American Indian students from the university. Students found the university’s previous efforts inadequate because it ignored the importance of community development and retention. Hence, RAIN! became the first student-run, student-initiated, student-funded retention program in the country for Native students, with the goal of increasing the number of American Indian students retained at and graduating from UCLA.


To increase the graduation rates of all students at UCLA through peer counseling, mentorship, workshops, and wellness programming while facilitating academic empowerment, student empowerment, and holistic empowerment as a means to foster leadership on-campus and in the community.


RAIN! operates under the philosophy that students do not have to compromise their traditional values and beliefs to achieve academic success at UCLA. RAIN! strives to cultivate a sense of collective identity and motivation, encouraging our students to create a balance between their academic and community involvements.