Southeast Asian Campus Learning Education and Retention

Established in 1998 by the Vietnamese Student Union (VSU), SEA CLEAR has been representing and advocating for Southeast Asian American students and issues here at UCLA for over 10 years.

Our services

1. Peer counseling

Through 1-on-1 sessions, peer counselors help students with issues regarding academics, finances, community, & also with the student’s social, professional, and personal life. Peer Counseling provides a safe space for confidentiality and trust. With the resources to help you gain the knowledge needed to make your experience at UCLA successful, peer counselors are trained to challenge students to be empowered leaders.

2. Mentorship

SEA CLEAR Mentorship encompasses mentor and mentee pairs and families that include UCLA alumni, undergrads, and graduate students. Throughout the year, pairs and families provide each other support, guidance, and friendship through programs hosted by SEA CLEAR, such as SEA AREA (trips to other SEA communities outside of Los Angeles) and through outings planned by pairs and families themselves.

3. Internship

The Internship component provides a unique opportunity for students who want to learn more about themselves, their peers, and their community. Through fun, creative activities, focused topics, and intimate small group discussions, interns will be encouraged to challenge existing taboos and beliefs and find importance in their background, culture, gender, and education. background, make a difference in their community.

4. Wellness component

SEA CLEAR’s newest component, Wellness, focuses on physical, mental, spiritual, gender, sexual, and spatial health and seeks to create a safe space for students to discuss and relate to a variety of issues existing in Southeast Asian communities. WELLshops target a different focus with topics varying from practicing mixed martial arts to improve physical wellness to having discussions with guest speakers about mental health issues.

5. Transfer component

The transfer component seeks to outreach to transfer students, introducing them to culturally relevant issues, valuable academic and professional resources, and a support system within the UCLA community. This component has two main objectives:

  1. To develop a strong transfer community
  2. To expose transfers to the existing services we provide


SEA CLEAR challenges students to find relevancy in their education in order to help them develop and become empowered leaders. It is SEA CLEAR’s vision that these students later apply their newfound knowledge to the outside world to proactively contribute to their Southeast Asian community.

The project helps to increase graduation and retention rates by developing students holistically through four components: counseling, mentorship, an internship program, and a wellness component.

2012-2013 Mission

To achieve 100% retention, SEA CLEAR will challenge and nurture students to embrace their identity by exploring Southeast Asian history, culture, and politics. We will foster a more cohesive Southeast Asian family by integrating underrepresented populations, including transfer students. Furthermore, we will build meaningful relationships within and across communities to sustain Southeast Asian visibility.


The Southeast Asian Campus Learning Education and Retention (SEA CLEAR) project at UCLA was established in 1998 by the Vietnamese Student Union (VSU) at UCLA to represent Southeast Asian students and to educate them about Southeast Asian community issues.