Student Risk Education Committee

SREC PLEDGE Funding Application


The SREC (Student Risk & Education Committee) PLEDGE Fund is a funding source devoted to mitigate risk for students during on and off campus community service events. The range of risk mitigating resources consist of Live Scans, Insurance, Crowd Control, TB Tests, and ETC. The PLEDGE Fund seeks not only to protect the students but also the service recipients and community partners affiliated.

SREC Master Training Calendar (DST/YST/Hypertension/CPR)

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The SREC (Student Risk & Education Committee) Master Training Calendar presents the dates necessary for students to engage safely and properly with service recipients. These trainings include Youth Safety Training, Driver Safety Training & Vehicle Orientation, Hypertension Training, and First Aid/CPR Training. All trainings are provided by expert instructors and nurses. The training dates for the quarter will be listed below in the link.

Safety Protocol Guidelines/Examples:

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SREC RCO Liability Waiver

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About SREC

SREC is one of the first student initiated student run committees that focuses on student risk and liability issues. SREC has received statewide recognition for being pioneers in student safety. Currently, UCOP is working with SREC to serve as a model for other student risk education committees to be implemented UC wide.


The Student Risk Education Committee (SREC) is an official university wide committee within the Community Programs Office in Charge of recommending and implementing best practices in student risk education during community service activities on and off campus. SREC aims to produce a culture of safety as students contribute to the community.


1. Pledge Risk Management Fund

We provide students with funding to help mitigate risk. Eligibility requires Live Scans, Insurance, Crowd Control, TB Tests, ETC.

2. Youth Safety Training

We provide students with the essential tips on how to engage safely with youth service participants.

3. Driver’s Safety Training & Vehicle Orientation

We provide students with expert instructors to demonstrate how to drive defensively and to operate a university vehicle.

4. Hypertension Training

We provide students with expert nurses to demonstrate how to safely provide hypertension screenings to service participants.

5. University Sponsorship

We provide students with the ability to obtain UCLA Sponsorships for student events.

6. First Aid/CPR Trainings

We provide students with expert instructors to demonstrate basic safety measures such as CPR.